Vitalife Forte Capsule



Co Q10100 mg
Lycopene5000 mcg
Vitamin D2000 IU
Vit B121500 mcg
Vit B63 mg
Folic Acid1.5 mg
Chromium200 mcg
Selenium200 mcg
Zinc22.5 mg

In Male Infertility

CoQ10 Significantly increases Seminal plasma, Sperm cell and Spermatozoa Motility.

Lycopene Improves Sperm concentration, enhances Sperm Motility & increases Sperm Morphology.

Zinc is an essential component for Spermatogenesis and improves serum testosterone concentration.

Vitamin D improves the Semen Quality & Motility.

In Female Infertility

CoQ10 improves ovarian response to gonadotropin stimulation leading to better egg and embryo quality.

Lycopene reduced the risk of preeclampsia and help to prevent inadequate growth of fetus. Lowers the risk of endometriosis and other female reproductive disorders.

Zinc reduces the chances of preterm birth up to 14%.

Vitamin D reduces the risk of PCOS.

Added advantage of Vit B6, Folic acid and Micronutrients.


  • Male & Female Infertility
  • PCOS
  • Improves Ovum Quality
  • Oligospermia


1 Capsule Daily


1 strips of 10 capsules

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