LaStone Cap.


A unique and complete formulation for the Renal stone because it Work on all the stages of stone formation (Nucleation, Growth & Aggregation)


Crataeva nurvala- Varun200 mg
Dolichos biflorus – Kulthi50 mg
Achyranthes Aspera – Apamarg Kshar50 mg
Raphanus sativus - Mooli kshar25 mg
Tribulus terrestris- Gokhru Kshar25 mg
Hordeum vulgare – Yav Ksar25 mg
Boerhavia diffusa– Punarnava Kshar25 mg

Crataeva nurvala- Varun -200 mg

Prevent Stone formation due to anti-lithogenic and anti- crystallization property.

Dolichos biflorus – Kulthi – 50mg

Significant antiurolithiatic activity & prevent the calcium oxalate crystal deposition.

Achyranthes Aspera – Apamarg Kshar- 50mg

Prevent urolithiasis and reduced the growth of calcium oxalate stones.

Raphanus sativus - Mooli kshar – 25mg

Significant decrease in the weight of stones & Increase in the 24 h urine volume.

Tribulus terrestris- Gokhru Kshar – 25mg

Reduce hyperoxaluria and Causes diuresis, fasten the process of dissolving the preformed stones, and increases the excretion of urea, creatinine, and uric acid.

Hordeum vulgare – Yav Ksar- 25mg

Increases excretion of Calcium, Phosphorus and Oxalate and Precipitate the calcium oxalate & calcium phosphate from urine.

Boerhavia diffusa– Punarnava Kshar – 25mg

71.42% decrease in crystal size and Start dissolution of crystal by day 4.


  • Renal Calculi
  • Recurrent Calculi
  • Burning Micturition
  • Urinary Tract Infection
  • Dysuria


1-2 capsule TID


1 bottle of 24 Capsules

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